Resource Spotlight: United Nations Population Fund Videos

Mother and Child © Capacity Project
Mother and Child © Capacity Project

The HRH Global Resource Center also includes links to non-print resources such as the four of the latest video productions from the United Nations Population Fund:

Men’s Partnership in Maternal Health (Jordan)

Despite the awareness advancement regarding reproductive health, women in Jordan still bear the burden of their health alone. This is especially true in rural areas; however, despite social criticism, men have decided to stand by their wives. [adapted from synopsis]

Men’s Partnership in Maternal Health (Tajikistan)

This resource details the social, economic and health care services disparities between urban and rural areas of Tajikistan and how women struggle with their health and the role of men, or the lack thereof, in supporting them. [adapted from synopsis]

Delivering Mobile Reproductive Health

This video chronicles how a mobile reproductive health team is reaching isolated communities that have had no health services for years after a truce in Nepal's civil war. [adapted from synopsis]

Helping Cambodians Plan Their Families

This video shows how midwives and community volunteers are helping more Cambodian women to increase the time between births, thereby contributing to healthier pregnancies, infants and families as well as to a better chance of escaping poverty. [adapted from synopsis]

The HRH Global Resource Center has other videos including:

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