Resource Spotlight: Human Resources and Financing for the Health Sector in Malawi

Malawian clinic © Capacity Project
Malawian clinic © Capacity Project

This report is the second part of a two-volume study analyzing the performance of the health, nutrition, and population sector in Malawi. The first report analyzes the country’s health sector performance in terms of outcomes, household health behavior and knowledge, utilization of services, and the service delivery system. The implications of the findings from the first report were used to inform the policy options reviewed in this second report. Both reports support two objectives: to provide technical inputs into the process of project preparation for the new Malawi Health Sector Support Project, and to provide the International Development Association (IDA) with a vehicle for policy dialogue with the government, donors, and other development partners. The government and IDA jointly chose the two focus areas of health financing and human resources because issues revolving around them have emerged as the most problematic, with shortages in both financial resources and health workers contributing to severe service deficits, reduced service quality, and worsening access to care among the most vulnerable populations.

This report summarizes the key problems in the health sector and their implications on human resources for health and financing of the health sector; discusses the issues on human resources for health; explores options for improving the production, deployment, retention and management of these workers; analyzes the current state of financing in the health sector; explores options for the financing of essential health services and non-EHP services; and summarizes the way forward. [adapted from introduction]

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