Subject Guides


These subject guides introduce the fundamental topics in the human resources for health (HRH) crisis, provide links to topical information within the HRH Global Resource Center and recommend additional articles on current HRH research and promising practices.

Current subject guides include:

Faith-Based Organizations

Provides information on the significant role of faith-based organizations in human resources for health and health infrastructure


Introduces the important aspect of gender as it relates to human resources for health shortages and inequalities

HRH Information Systems

Summarizes the concept of HRIS and how these systems facilitate the collection and use of health workforce information

HRH Management

Details the methods and issues surrounding the management of health workers to meet health care coverage requirements, ensure quality care and meet the needs of the workers

HRH Overview

Discusses why health worker shortages are a global concern, the major HRH challenges and the strategies for addressing these issues

HRH Planning

Emphasizes the importance of planning the health workforce for effective health service delivery and the different aspects of good planning

Infectious Diseases

Outlines the effect HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis have on the health workforce and how the HRH shortage impacts treatment

Maternal & Child Health, Reproductive Health and Family Planning

Presents the importance of providing health care for mothers and children as well strategies for building human resources capacity for delivering family planning and other reproductive health services

Policy Advocacy

Introduces the concepts of policy advocacy for the health workforce and its importance in ensuring health service delivery, particularly in fragile environments