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A service of CapacityPlus, led by IntraHealth International, Inc., the HRH Global Resource Center (GRC) supports human resources for health (HRH) stakeholders and decision makers by providing essential HRH information and training. In addition to maintaining a growing collection of HRH resources, the HRH Global Resource Center offers:

  • eLearning courses: The GRC eLearning platform offers free courses developed by technical experts in the fields of HRH, health informatics, and health service delivery to build the capacity of country-based users in critical skills development.
  • Personalized librarian support: The GRC librarians can help you locate resources for your work and assist you in finding useful documents in the collection. To request assistance, please use the simple forms on the Contact Us page.
  • Hosting services: Resources created or used in developing countries, such as national HRH strategic plans, are a priority for the GRC. We are happy to consider hosting any such documents that are not currently available on the web as long as we receive permission from the publishing organization. Please contact us about posting a resource.
  • Special collections: We welcome collaborative endeavors with projects working in the field of HRH that do not have a website. The GRC can provide more extensive hosting services for these project resources and can offer an individualized page on the GRC to showcase your work. Please contact us if you have questions about this service.
  • Original content: The GRC produces regular News articles, Resource Spotlights, Leaders in Action Interviews and a monthly Newsletter. We have also created a Tutorial on how to use the GRC and selected Subject Guides to introduce important HRH topics and help users find more information in the GRC collection.

As a user driven site, we highly encourage your suggestions and feedback through our Contact Us page and the User Survey.

Site Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The HRH Global Resource Center is owned and operated by IntraHealth International. Users of the GRC are bound by the IntraHealth International's Terms of Use for all its websites including, but not limited to IntraHealth's policies on intellectual property; restrictions on use; indemnification and third party sites. Please read the Terms of Use document for more information on being a user of the GRC.

Resource Selection Policy

The GRC collection is amassed through web searching and contributions from staff and other users of the website. Please use our feedback form to provide your comments on existing resources or to suggest new resources. If you require additional information about a resource or wish to order copies of a resource, please contact the publisher directly.

To ensure that the included resources are useful, the following policies are being followed:

  • The person and/or organization responsible for the resource must be clearly indicated.
  • The resource must be freely available in developing countries.
  • To avoid information overload, the resource must be narrowly focused on the topic of HRH or one of its major sub-topics. For example, an article on training a new cadre of health workers to administer ARV treatment is appropriate. A medical article on ARV treatment would not be included.

The HRH Global Resource Center and CapacityPlus do not endorse or recommend any particular resource. The resource links will take you off the HRH Global Resource Center website. Linking to these external sites does not constitute or imply an endorsement of the sites' resources and content by CapacityPlus. The views and opinions expressed in these sites do not necessarily reflect those of the HRH Global Resource Center, CapacityPlus, its partners or the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

HRH Global Resource Center Partners

GHWA Knowledge Centre
The Global Health Workforce Alliance Knowledge Center aims to provide HRH policy makers, researchers, Alliance members and partners and all those working on resolving the HRH crisis with the latest resources related to the crisis in low- and middle-income countries focusing primarily on overviews or introductory readings, documents describing the specific situation of individual HRH priority countries, and documents produced by Alliance members and partners.

HRH Knowledge Hub
The HRH Knowledge Hub is based in the School of Public Health at the University of New South Wales. It is one of four Hubs established by AusAID in 2008 as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to meeting the Millennium Development Goals and improving health in the Asia-Pacific region. The Hub aims to expand the expertise and knowledge base in order to inform and guide human resources for health policy and decision makers. Some of the key research areas for the Hub include leadership and management, maternal health workers, migration and public health emergencies workforce.

CHW Central
CHW Central, a community of practice for and about CHWs, shares information and fosters dialogues about community health worker (CHW) programming, policy, research and evaluation. The site promotes the latest developments in CHW programming and connects experts, practitioners and supporters working to strengthen CHW programs through facilitated discussions with experts, a robust resource library and a member exchange forum. The site has been managed by Initiatives Inc. since 2011.