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Projects and Initiatives
Education and Training


Healthcare Information for All by 2015

Global email discussion group with a focus on the information and learning needs of healthcare providers in developing countries

IMA World Health

Faith-based nonprofit organization providing health care services and supplies to vulnerable and marginalized people

International Centre for Human Resources in Nursing

Organization dedicated to strengthening the nursing workforce globally through the development, monitoring and dissemination of comprehensive information, standards and tools on nursing human resources policy, management, research and practice

IntraHealth International

Non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the successful delivery of health services and meeting health care challenges

Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health

Promotes collaboration; marshals resources for research, policy and programmatic initiatives; recruits dynamic faculty and other professionals; and trains the next generation of leaders in global health

Knowledge Management for Public Health

Global knowledge sharing network for public health organized by WHO that supports human resources for health (HRH) development

Management Sciences for Health

Organization that seeks to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of health services by improving management systems, promoting access to services, and influencing public policy

World Medical Association

International organization representing physicians, working to ensure their independence and the highest possible standards for ethical behavior and care

Projects and Initiatives


Global initiative funded by USAID that applies proven and promising approaches to improve the quality and use of priority health care services in developing countries

Frontline Health Workers Coalition

Coalition working together to urge greater and more strategic U.S. investment in frontline health workers in the developing world

Global Health Workforce Alliance

Partnership dedicated to identifying and implementing solutions to the health workforce crisis

Global Health Workforce Alliance Knowledge Center

Provides HRH policy makers, researchers, Alliance members and partners and all those working on resolving the HRH crisis with the latest resources related to the crisis in low- and middle-income countries

Health Professionals for a New Century

Provides news, networking opportunities, and other ways to connect with others who share a global vision of healthcare professional training reform

Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

Advocacy group to advance equitable and sustained access to a skilled, motivated, and well-equipped, informed, and managed health workforce who have decent wages and good working conditions

HRH Knowledge Hub

AusAID funded project based in the School of Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales that contributes to the quality and effectiveness of Australia's engagement in the health sector in the Asia and Pacific regions by developing innovative policy options for strengthening HRH systems

Human Health Project

Global community doctors, nurses, practitioners and patient advocates from conventional and alternative medicines helping each other with medical cases

One Million Community Health Workers

A campaign that aims to expand and accelerate community health worker programs in sub-Saharan African countries

People that Deliver

A broad coalition of organizations striving to improve the health supply chain workforce in developing countries

Partners in Population and Development (PPD)

Intergovernmental initiative created specifically for the purpose of expanding and improving South-to-South collaboration in the fields of reproductive health, population, and development

Partners in Population and Development Africa Regional Office (PPD ARO)

Links African member countries of PPD and provides a platform for the promotion of reproductive health, population, and development in Africa through policy dialogue, building strategic partnerships in the region, and sharing experiences

Safeguarding Health in Conflict Coalition

Coalition of international nongovernmental organizations working to protect health workers, services, and infrastructure

World Bank Results-based Financing for Health

Global forum for information on results-based financing for health

World Health Professions Alliance

An alliance bringing together global organizations representing health care professionals in more than 130 countries


CHW Central
Online resource for information and dialogue on community health workers (CHW)

eHealth Research Guide
The World Bank's guide to resources on the application of information and communication technologies in health care delivery and management

Eldis: Human Resources for Health Dossier
Information resource and tool from the Institute for Development Studies for advocacy for the importance of human resources in making improvements in health service delivery for poor people

Health Care Improvement Project's Improvement Database
Database of tested improvement strategies and interventions in global health

Health Manager's Toolkit
Electronic compendium of tools compiled by the Leadership, Management, and Sustainability Program to assist health professionals at all levels

Health Manager's Website
Concepts, guidance and tools to help you make best use of resources or solve problems to do with working with staff, budgeting and monitoring expenditure, collecting and using information, obtaining and managing drugs and equipment

Health Worker Migration
Brings together the perspectives of health policy researchers and decision-makers who have an interest in the migration of health professionals

Hesperian Health Guides

Health information and education materials that are produced in many languages

Human Resources for Health Journal
Open access, peer-reviewed, online journal covering all aspects of planning, producing and managing the health workforce

Human Resources in Health (HRH) Toolkit
eToolkit that focuses on issues concerning HRH focusing primarily on Southern Africa

International Centre on Nurse Migration
Global resource for the development, promotion and dissemination of research, policy and information on nurse migration

Pan-Canadian Health Human Resources Network
Provides access to the latest HRH research, information and evidence on innovative approaches to HRH development, training, financing, regulation, recruitment and retention

Database for evidence for health systems and policymaking including systematic review and primary studies

Tips for Nurses to Maintain Moral Courage Amid Ethical Dilemmas
Outline of a framework to acknowledge risk and find solutions regarding patient care and other issues

World Bank: Human Resources for Health
Website designed to help users to better diagnose HRH problems and provide access to tools for designing interventions that will support efforts to respond

World Health Organization: Human Resources for Health
WHO site dedicated to human resources for health information

Education and Training

Global Health Education Consortium

Resources to support self-paced learning and instruction on global health in the field

Global Health eLearning Center

Site of free health courses developed by the United States Agency for International Development

Health Sciences Online

Free collection of training courses and materials for medicine and other health sciences


Medicus Mundi Switzerland's internet inventory of postgraduate training and further education in the field of international health

Medical Education Partnership Initiative

Community supporting medical education and research in sub-Saharan African institutions

Sharing In Health

Provides open-access training resources for students in resource-poor regions with the goal of increasing global training capacity

Southern Africa HIV/AIDS Regional Exchange

Listing of eLearning courses related to health workers from various organizations, particularly HIV prevention courses


Courses for the continuing education and training of public health professionals

World Federation for Medical Education

Organization concerned with education and training of medical doctors