Resource Spotlight: Human Resources for Health: Tackling the Human Resource Management Piece of the Puzzle

Malawian Nurses © Capacity Project
Malawian Nurses © Capacity Project

Adequate HRM capacity is one of the critical missing factors in current efforts to meet the goals of national and global health system strengthening initiatives. In many cases, government HRM policies, practices and procedures are tediously bureaucratic, spread across different government entities and in need of radical reform in order to permit available external funds or technical assistance to be spent or utilized to create meaningful changes or results. This technical brief describes the HRM problems that contribute to the health worker crisis, as these have often been underplayed or not addressed at all. The brief also identifies specific strategic actions that ought to be taken to address these HRM challenges, and concludes with some examples of broad futuristic thinking and innovations to stimulate donor and programmatic funding opportunities for strengthening HRH. [from author]

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