Resource Spotlight: HRIS Strengthening Implementation Toolkit

Assessing and improving systems
Assessing and improving systems
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Many developing countries encounter serious constraints to maintaining accurate health workforce data and information, including a lack of well-functioning national HRH databases. A human resources information system collects and manages information used in HR decision-making. A complete HRIS links all human resources data from the time professionals enter pre-service training until they leave the workforce. Typically, the system is computerized and consists of a database for storing the information, software for entering and updating data, and reporting and analysis tools.

The purpose of HRIS strengthening is to progress from any systems that are currently in place, retaining the processes that are working while improving weaker parts and filling in gaps, to a complete and mature HRIS. The goal of this Toolkit is to provide a package of HRIS strengthening procedures and tools in order to facilitate applying the HRIS strengthening processes and implementing the HRIS software developed by the Capacity Project. The Toolkit collects briefs and tools to assist with the five steps of the HRIS strengthening process. [from author]

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