Career Development

Kenyan Women Medical Doctors and Their Motivations to Pursue International Research Training

Through interviews, researchers found Kenyan women medical clinical researchers shared similar motivations as US women but differed as well. Kenyan medical doctors pursued health research within a context of limited resources, but the ability to balance work and family while contributing to public health through research and leadership was highly valued. [adapted from abstract]

Keeping Up to Date: Continuing Professional Development for Health Workers in Developing Countries

Continuing professional development (CPD) encompasses all of the activities that health workers undertake—both formal and informal—to maintain, update, develop, and enhance their professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes. This technical brief summarizes the literature concerning current best practices and innovative ideas in CPD. [from author]

Coaching for Professional Development and Organizational Results

Management Sciences for Health has developed an approach to helping managers become more like coaches, which has proven successful in various settings. This issue of the eManager will help you examine your managerial practices and give you the tools to expand your role from manager to manager as coach.

Challenge for Nursing and Midwifery

In this discussion document, the Department of Health and Children identifies key development issues facing nursing and midwifery in the future. This is in order to establish a strong platform for the formulation of a strategic response to these issues. The document contains an insightful analysis of the challenges ahead and identifies a range of possible responses. [from preface]

Report on the Continuing Professional Development of Staff Nurses and Staff Midwives

Nurses and midwives face the challenge of embracing new methods of care delivery which will provide a quality service that is truly people-centred. There is growing evidence of the need to link continuing professional development with organisational goals. The construction of career pathways in a healthcare system which is subject to radical and far-reaching change is an issue of growing importance to nurses and midwives. [from executive summary]

It's Your Career: Take Charge: Career Planning and Development

This document is directed towards individual nurses to help them take charge and be in control of their careers within the ever-changing world of health care. These guidelines highlight the key dimensions of career planning and development and offer guidance to those who wish to evaluate the present and shape their future. [adapted from introduction]

Competency Development in Public Health Leadership

As the complexity of the challenges facing the public health workforce has increased, many have argued that insufficient resources have been devoted to the preparation of the workforce, including its leaders. Here we describe the growth of national advocacy for public health leadership and workforce development.

Urgent Call to Professionalize Leadership and Management in Health Care Worldwide

The long-term objective of this paper is to galvanize action to ensure that all current and future health managers are well prepared to lead and manage to achieve results. With good preparation, they will be able to develop and manage the kind of health services that achieve health goals, reduce illness, and save lives. [author’s description]

We Need Respect: Experiences of Internationally Recruited Nurses in the UK

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) commissioned this report into the experiences of internationally recruited nurses (IRNs) working in the UK. The study explores the motivations and experiences of IRNs in order to understand why overseas nurses come to work in the UK, what experiences they undergo and whether they plan to stay in the UK, return to their countries of origin or go to another country to work after a short period. [from executive summary]

Methodology for Assessing the Professional Development Needs of Nurses and Midwives in Indonesia: Paper 1 of 3

In line with government initiatives, this series of studies was undertaken to establish the training and development needs of nurses and midwives working within a variety of contexts in Indonesia, with the ultimate aim of enhancing care provision within these domains. [from abstract]

Developing Managers Who Lead

This issue shows how managing and leading can be practiced at the same time by managers at all levels. It discusses effective leadership values and practices that exist around the world. It explains how managers can, individually and together, undertake leadership development. [editors’ description]