HRH Country Profiles

The HRH country profiles serve as a tool for systematically presenting the HRH situation, policies and management. They are expected to help to monitor trends, generate regional HRH overviews, provide comparable data between countries and identify points for focused action in countries. They will also serve for a comparison of countries’ responses to similar HRH challenges.

Mauritania Health System and Implementation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy: Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (2002-04) for Improving the Efficiency and Equity of Public Health Expenditure

Provides an overview of a new budgeting approach in Mauritania, developed by the Ministry of Health on the basis of an analysis of the health problems of poor people, their difficulties in accessing health care, and the shortcomings of the health systems in serving them. The document shows how such analysis can inform the budgeting process and reorient public expenditures in the health sector. Budgeting health services in Mauritania have shifted from a line item approach towards performance based programs with specific indicators of success identified both program and region wide. [from author