Learning and Professional Training Opportunities

LAPTOP is an online database of available training opportunities in supply chain management designed to help the supply chain workforce improve their skills, advance their careers and find the right course for their needs. [adapated from publisher]

Achieving Excellence in the Supply Chain Workforce: The People that Deliver Global Partnership

This resource contains recorded presentations from a satellite event at the XIX International AIDS Conference featuring experts in health workforce and supply chain management who discussed strengthening and professionalizing the supply chain workforce.

Healthcare Workforce: Who Cares and Where?

This webcast session from the XIX International AIDS Conference presents issues in the workforce crisis and highlights strategies being implemented to improve the numbers and quality of the HIV healthcare workforce. [adapted from publisher]

Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce

This free online course is available in English and French and is intended to expose the participant to basic concepts, issues, and standards related to gender equality in the health workforce. [from publisher]

iHRIS Administrator - Level I

This free online course provides instructions on basic skills needed to administer and customize IntraHealth International’s free human resources information system software: iHRIS Manage or iHRIS Qualify systems. [from publisher]

Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources for Health

This free online course provides a basic introduction to monitoring and evaluation concepts and how they apply to the field of human resources for health to inform evidence-based planning and decision-making. [from publisher]

Where Have They Gone? Using ICT to Address Health Worker Absenteeism in India

This 8 minute video highlights one solution to the problem of doctor absenteeism being deployed in the Karnataka region in southern India. When patients arrive at a primary health clinic and the doctor is absent, they can use their phones to text a central location which will record this data to allow the government to track and citizens to see which clinics are chronically understaffed. [from publisher]

Human Rights for Health Workers: An IFHHRO Training Manual

This IFHHRO online training manual shares materials developed to train health workers in health and human rights issues. It intends to bridge the gap between the legal conceptualization of the right to health and the daily practice of health workers by providing human rights education materials specifically designed for health workers. [from introduction]

Human Resources in Health (HRH) Toolkit

The shortage of human resources in health (HRH) in Africa remains severe and continues to be a major impediment to increasing coverage of HIV-related services. This eToolkit is meant to serve as a resource for those dealing with aspects of the HRH crisis, including individuals and organizations who wish to familiarize themselves with the various components of HRH, focusing primarily on Southern Africa. [adapted from author]

Columbia: Health-Care Workers Under Pressure

This film tells the story of Mirta Nubia Rosero, the only health worker in a remote village in south-western Colombia. After five decades of conflict, unexploded landmines and remnants of war lie hidden in the ground. [from publisher]

Health Care Void in Western Cote d'Ivoire

This short film shows the human face of the conflict affected health care. Entire villages have been destroyed and health-care centres looted in western Cote d’Ivoire, and mobile clinics provide the only health care for many villages in the area. [adapted from publisher]

Columbia: Health Care in Danger - Insights

Four decades of conflict in southern Colombia have made health care a rare commodity on the Rio Caguan, a remote tributary of the Amazon. In this video, Abdi Ismail explains his work taking mobile health clinics along the river to thousands of villagers who would otherwise be cut off from medical care. [from publisher]

Libya: Health Care in Danger - Insights

This unique video footage, shot in Libya, starkly reveals the danger that health-care workers are exposed to as they treat the war-wounded close to the front line. [from publisher]

Honouring Heroes in Health

This short film, produced by the Global Health Workforce Alliance, portrays Mary, a midwife from Kenya and Elina, a trainee doctor from Nepal, two outstanding health workers who dedicate their lives to serving people in rural and remote areas of their respective countries. [from publisher]

Sri Lankan Scheme to Help Fight Medical Brain Drain

This video tells the story of a Sri Lankan paediatric doctor who is participating in a government scheme that places doctors in oversees placements for training with a bond that requires the doctor to return home and work at least four years for every year spent abroad in the placement. [adapted from publisher]

Something is Wrong: Interactive Map

​This interactive map highlights the disproportionate distribution of child mortality throughout the world. It allows users to explore the map to see a real life situation in each country to see some of the difficult decisions health workers have to make in its “5 impossible decisions” feature. [adapted from publisher]

Social Service Workforce Training Curricula: Training Programs and Tools to Support Front-Line Workers

In an effort to facilitate the social service workforce to meet the needs of a larger population, a number of training models have been developed to equip local community members with basic social work skills and support them to work with vulnerable children and families under the supervision of social work professionals. This webinar presented several promising training models currently implemented in several countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. [from summary]

Ethiopia's Rural Care Crisis Eased by Community Health Workers

This article and the accompanying video tell the story of a community health worker, Almaz Doiso, in Ethiopia who is responsible for the health needs of more than 500 families in one of the most remote regions of the world - South Omo Ethiopia. [adapted from author]

iHRIS Administrator: Level One

This self-paced online course provides instructions on the basic skill set needed to administer and customize CapacityPlus’s human resources information systems (HRIS) software, iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify. [from publisher]

No Excuse: Reducing Pressure on HIV Services By Task-Shifting

In Malawi, Doctors without Borders is working with the local health system to shift responsibilities from doctors to nurses and lay workers in order to reduce pressure on qualified health staff. This video, part of a 5-clip series, demonstrates tools and models that could help make improved treatment accessible to many more. [from publisher]

Effect of Lay Health Worker Programmes on Mother and Child Health and Tuberculosis

This summary of evidence about the effect of lay health worker programmes (on mother and child health and tuberculosis) is derived from a Cochrane Review published in 2010. This video builds on the SUPPORT Summary of the same review, prepared for health policy makers in low and middle-income countries.

My Work as a Midwife

This 2:21 video introduces Ade Yanarsih’s work and challenges as a local health worker and community midwife in Kampung Cirendeng, Indonesia.

My Motivations: a Day in the Life as a Health Worker in Xachmochan

This 2:56 minute video is part of the Good Goes campaign and showcases the work of Felix Aguilar Ramirez, a community health worker in the Xachmochan village in Guatemala.

Imagine a Health Worker

This highly acclaimed 3:22 minute video from the Global Health Workforce Alliance emphasizes the importance of health workers and calls for a health workers for everyone, everywhere. [adapted from publisher]

Kill or Cure: The Global Health Worker Crisis

This 7:50 minute documentary video is part of the BBC World News documentary series, “Kill or Cure.” In many countries around the globe, people live and die without ever seeing a health worker. It is a problem that is exacerbated by trained workers seeking better pay and conditions abroad, leaving already weakened health services in crisis. [from publisher]

ModCAL for Training Skills

ModCAL® for Training Skills course uses an interactive multimedia format to help learners become more effective pre-service faculty or in-service trainers. ModCAL® provides knowledge updates, training skills demonstrations and exercises to develop training competencies. Key training resources, such as the Training Skills for Health Care Providers Reference Guide, Learner’s Guide and Facilitator’s Guide are also provided in the resources section. [publisher’s description]

Women on the Front Lines of Health Care: State of the World's Mothers 2010

This is the eleventh annual State of the World’s Mothers report. The focus is on the critical shortage of health workers in the developing world and the urgent need for more female health workers to save the lives of mothers, newborn babies and young children. There is a video, and executive summary, the full report and an interactive version of the report. [from publisher]

Human Resources in Health Care

This short course provides an overview of the primary issues facing human resources in the global health sector.

Doctors and Nurses: a Documentary Film on the Health Workforce

This short documentary film features struggles of health workers in both developed and developing countries. The film portrays a real-life journey of Dr Brian Kubwalo, a Malawian doctor working in Manchester, UK, who embarks on a personal quest to find out whether he should go back to his native Malawi, where his skills are sorely missed, or stay in Manchester, where he can provide better future for his children. [from publisher]

Africa's Deadly Brain Drain - Malawi

Africa is in the grip of a medical crisis because its doctors are being lured away by lucrative jobs in Europe. This video reviews the situation in Malawi, which now only has one doctor for every 50,000 people. [from author]