Study Identifying Factors Affecting Retention of Midwives in Malawi




Mackintosh LS


Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine




The study found that about half of the deliveries in Malawi are not assisted by a skilled attendant. It seems that there is a severe and long standing problem with retaining midwives. Therefore, close monitoring of the retention problem is advisable. The research found that the two main forms of losses are that the midwives die or they go abroad. Possible ways of mitigating the loss through emigration could be to continue efforts in enforcing codes of practice on international recruitment in recipient countries. The study identified inadequate remuneration as the main push factor and the midwives who did stay were found to use multiple coping strategies to supplement their income. Against the backdrop of multiple push factors, the study found four pull factors; namely the retirement package, access to post-basic training, a flexible leave policy and job security. [from executive summary]


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