GRC Publishes Gender in the Health Workforce eLearning Course


[GLOBAL] The HRH Global Resource Center (GRC) has published a new eLearning course on gender, a topic critical to all working in the human resources for health and global health fields. Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce is intended to expose participants to basic concepts, issues, and standards related to gender equality in the health workforce, including legal and policy protections. The course was written by Constance Newman, IntraHealth International’s Senior Technical Advisor for Gender Equality and Women's Rights, and Catherine Murphy, IntraHealth International's Training and Learning Advisor, and developed in collaboration with the GRC team.

As with all courses on the GRC eLearning Platform, "Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce" is a low-bandwidth friendly, free, open course available to anyone who wishes to learn about the topic. The GRC welcomes you to sign up for a free eLearning account and to expand your knowledge of HRH topics.

For more information about the series, see the GRC eLearning Platform.

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