Resource Spotlight: Optimizing Performance and Quality

Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International
Photo courtesy of Trevor Snapp,
CapacityPlus/IntraHealth International

Optimizing Performance and Quality (OPQ) is a stakeholder-driven, cyclical process for analyzing human and organizational performance and setting up interventions to improve performance and quality or build on strengths and successes.

The OPQ process builds capacity within an organization to recognize and address problems or performance gaps on an ongoing basis. There are seven stages. Each stage provides evidence-based guidance and steps to follow, with a suite of tools to help you through the process.

OPQ offers a methodology and tools that can be used independently or together with other improvement techniques and tools. You can use the OPQ process to improve the performance of individuals, teams, organizations, governing bodies, and systems.

You can use OPQ to:

  • Build participative partnerships with key stakeholders and champions to better link policies and decisions with the needs of their clients
  • Assess how well your team or organization is meeting agreed upon standards or reaching expected outcomes
    Determine how well services are meeting client needs (assessing, for example, whether services are equitable, youth-friendly, or gender-sensitive)
  • Identify gaps in services and performance and identify root causes
  • Design and implement appropriate solutions that address gaps

  • Define indicators for monitoring, documenting, and evaluating progress toward objectives
  • Establish a sustainable process to continuously measure progress, build on successes, and move from good to great!

Please view the Optimizing Performance and Quality resource.

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