How Does the Medical Graduates' Self-Assessment of Their Clinical Competency Differ from Experts' Assessment?

The objective of this study was to assess the clinical competency of medical graduates, as perceived by the graduates themselves and by the experts. [from abstract]

Accelerating the Spread of Best Practices in Postpartum Care: Scaling-Up Best Practices in Yemen

This paper shows how Yemen’s Al Saba’een Hospital became a model for postpartum care and family planning services with limited resources. As a result of the success, the Yemeni government supports continued scale-up of these interventions to all of the country’s public hospitals and rural health facilities. [adapted from author]

Private Midwives Serve the Hard-to-Reach: a Promising Practice Model

Yemen presents a very challenging environment for delivering health services to rural areas, and Yemen’s conservative culture does not allow women to receive health services from men. Through a pilot program, the Extending Service Delivery assisted midwives with setting up private practices in rural communities where fixed facilities and services do not exist, or are far away. [from author]

Using HIS/GIS Data and Tools to Improve Resource Allocation: the Yemen Experience

This presentation for the APHA Annual Meeting illustrates the use of geographic and health information systems to identify gaps in service delivery and vaccination coverage in Yemen in order to assign human and technical resources.