Needs-Based Human Resources for Health Planning in Jamaica: Using Simulation Modelling to Inform Policy Options for Pharmacists in the Public Sector

The purpose of the work described in this paper is to describe the development and application of a needs-based HRH simulation model for pharmacists in Jamaica’s largest health region. [from abstract]

Brain Drain of Health Care Workers: Causes, Solutions and the Example of Jamaica

This article descibes the importance of health workers in tackling problems in health care systems, the impact of the brain drain of health workers, and uses an example of out migration in Jamaica to demonstrate the issues.

Knowledge, Awareness and Compliance with Universal Precautions among Health Care Workers at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Jamaica

This research aimed to assess knowledge, awareness and compliance of universal precautions for prevention and transmission of blood-borne pathogens among health care workers at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Jamaica. [adapted from abstract]

Assessment of Human Resources for Health Using Cross-National Comparison of Facility Surveys in Six Countries

Health facility assessments are being increasingly used to measure and monitor indicators of health workforce performance, but the global evidence base remains weak. The World Health Organization coordinated a series of facility-based surveys using a common approach in six countries: Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Jamaica, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The objectives were to inform the development and monitoring of human resources for health policy within the countries; and to test and validate the use of standardized facility-based human resources assessment tools across different contexts.

Accuracy of the Jamaican National Physician Register: a Study of the Status of Physicians Registered and Their Countries of Training

Clinical research activities have suggested that the current records of physicians registered to practice in Jamaica may not be accurate. Our objective was to determine whether the Medical Council of Jamaica (MCJ) accurately records and reports the identities, number and specialty designation of physicians in Jamaica. An additional aim was to determine the countries in which these physicians were trained. [from abstract]

Physical and Psychological Violence in Jamaica's Health Sector

This study was done to determine the prevalence of experiences with physical violence and psychological violence that health staff have had in the workplace in Jamaica, and to identify factors associated with those experiences of violence. [from abstract]

Safe Motherhood Studies: Timeliness of In-Hospital Care for Treating Obstetric Emergencies: Results from Benin, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Rwanda

This report presents data on in-hospital care for childbirth and obstetrical emergencies in 14 hospitals. This report examines intervals between critical events

Quality of Obstetric Care Observed in 14 Hospitals in Benin, Ecuador, Jamaica and Rwanda

This report discusses care provided to 245 women during labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum and their newborns during immediate postpartum. The quality of care for different tasks (e.g., monitoring fetal heart rate) is presented by country, by hospital type, and overall. The report details performance on recommended tasks and should inform program managers and providers in finding similar weaknesses in their own care delivery systems. Report includes 21 data tables and the data collection instrument for observations. [publisher’s description]