Training Materials

Health Information Systems to Improve Quality of Care in Resource-Poor Settings

This free online course is a collaborative offering of Sana, Partners in Health, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). The goal of this course is the development of innovations in information systems for developing countries that will translate into improvement in health outcomes, strengthen the existing organizational infrastructure, and create a collaborative ecosystem to maximize the value of these innovations. The course offers video lectures and links to projects, examples and course materials. [adapted from publisher]

Finding, Organizing and Using Health Information: A Training Manual for Students, Researchers and Health Workers in Africa

Whether you are a doctor, a nurse, an allied health professional or a medical librarian, this manual provides answers to the most crucial questions that arise while searching for health information. The manual covers topics such as: available information sources, tools and techniques for searching the web, intellectual property rights, managing and storing information, and evaluating information for accuracy. The resource also includes video guides for each module.[adapted from author]

Training Resource Package for Family Planning

This resource contains curriculum components and tools needed to design, implement, and evaluate training. It offers essential resources for family planning and reproductive health trainers, supervisors, and program managers. The entire package is designed to support up-to-date training on family planning and reproductive health.

Learning and Professional Training Opportunities

LAPTOP is an online database of available training opportunities in supply chain management designed to help the supply chain workforce improve their skills, advance their careers and find the right course for their needs. [adapated from publisher]

Effective Training Practices

This brief summarizes evidence and best practices for making the most of health worker training interventions. It is designed to help program managers: identify when training is appropriate to introduce a new job responsibility or help improve performance, and ensure that training is effective. [adapted from author]

Mangers Who Lead: A Handbook for Improving Health Services

This resource is designed to assist health managers at all levels of an organization face challenges such as: how to create a shared vision of better health and a clear plan for achieving it; improving work climate; preparing for higher levels of responsibility; and leading change inside and outside the organization. [adapted from publisher]

Maternal Mortality Reduction Program Assistant Training

This training program is designed for community health workers working in maternal and child health and covers topics such as family planning, reproductive health, gender violence, prevention of mother-to-child HIV among others.

Response to Gender-Based Violence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: Training Programme for Health Care Providers

This online training manual containing background information, handouts, exercises and powerpoint presentations to train health professionals on gender-based violence. [from publisher]

Foundations of Gender Equality in the Health Workforce

This free online course is available in English and French and is intended to expose the participant to basic concepts, issues, and standards related to gender equality in the health workforce. [from publisher]

iHRIS Administrator - Level I

This free online course provides instructions on basic skills needed to administer and customize IntraHealth International’s free human resources information system software: iHRIS Manage or iHRIS Qualify systems. [from publisher]

Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources for Health

This free online course provides a basic introduction to monitoring and evaluation concepts and how they apply to the field of human resources for health to inform evidence-based planning and decision-making. [from publisher]

Human Rights for Health Workers: An IFHHRO Training Manual

This IFHHRO online training manual shares materials developed to train health workers in health and human rights issues. It intends to bridge the gap between the legal conceptualization of the right to health and the daily practice of health workers by providing human rights education materials specifically designed for health workers. [from introduction]

Partnership Defined Quality Facilitation Guide

This facilitation guide is designed as a training supplement to the Partnership Defined Quality manual (PDQ) to enable a facilitator to conduct a PDQ training that will enhance the participants’ understanding of when and how PDQ can be used to strengthen quality and access, and equip them with the skills necessary to adapt and implement PDQ in their programs. [from introduction]

Postpartum Family Planning for Community Health Workers

This learning resource package contains the trainer manual with all the material to design and hold a traning course for community health workers on postpartum family planing methods and counselling skills. It also has a participant manual for use during the training.

iHRIS Administrator: Level One

This self-paced online course provides instructions on the basic skill set needed to administer and customize CapacityPlus’s human resources information systems (HRIS) software, iHRIS Manage and iHRIS Qualify. [from publisher]

Advancing Women's Leadership and Advocacy for AIDS Action Training Manual

This training manual is a resource to build the leadership, advocacy and management skills of grassroots women leaders and others working in HIV. It is a scaled-down adaptation of the training curriculum used to build the leadership skills and technical expertise of women working on the frontlines in the fight against HIV and AIDS, and to strengthen the capacity of their organizations to advocate for stronger HIV and AIDS policies, programs and resources that meet the distinct needs of women.

Toolkit: Community Empowerment in MNH Towards the Alert Village (Desa Siaga)

The toolkit describes a process of implementing community empowerment in maternal and neonate health (MNH) and each step of the process, including guidelines and training manuals for the implementation process. The aim of this toolkit is to provide an example of possible best practice in community mobilisation to compliment medical based initiatives to reduce maternal death. [adapted from author]

Hospital Management Training: New Ways to Improve Services in Indonesia: a Text Book and Guide

The quality of health services is influenced by the technical and managerial skills of the hospital team. This training curriculum aims to improve the management skills of the hospital teams by focusing on behavioral change and institutionalizing of the culture of quality improvement. [from foreword]

Improving RHIS Performance for Better Health System Management: Routine Health Information System Course Participants Guide

This training course on improving routine health information systems is an international course on the comprehensive assessment of information use, with an emphasis on problem-solving. The course uses the Performance of Routine Information System Management conceptual framework and tools. [abstract]

HIV Principles and Stigma Reduction Training Curriculum: Addressing HIV and Stigma in the Healthcare Setting in the Middle East and North Africa Region

This curriculum was developed for people living with HIV in the Middle East and North Africa region who wanted to create workshops that provide space for their supportive physicians to discuss stigma in the healthcare setting and unite in their responses to HIV. [from author]

Programming for Training: a Resource Package for Trainers, Program Managers, and Supervisors of Reproductive Health and Family Planning Programs

This resource package provides an overall approach to programming for training health care providers in reproductive health and family planning as well as information, methods, and tools for designing, developing, planning, implementing, and evaluating training. It also provides tools and information for strengthening training systems. [from introduction]

ModCAL for Training Skills

ModCAL® for Training Skills course uses an interactive multimedia format to help learners become more effective pre-service faculty or in-service trainers. ModCAL® provides knowledge updates, training skills demonstrations and exercises to develop training competencies. Key training resources, such as the Training Skills for Health Care Providers Reference Guide, Learner’s Guide and Facilitator’s Guide are also provided in the resources section. [publisher’s description]

Preservice Education Family Planning Reference Guide

This guide was developed to assist preservice health institutions in Malawi in creating, updating, or adapting the family planning content of their curricula and individual courses. Included in this document are materials that institutions and individual tutors can use to develop technically accurate and pedagogically sound lessons on family planning. [adapted from introduction]

Human Resources in Health Care

This short course provides an overview of the primary issues facing human resources in the global health sector.

Constructive Men's Engagement in Reproductive Health: A Training-of-Trainer's Manual

This manual is designed to enable community health educators to incorporate activities related to constructive men’s engagement in reproductive health in their daily work. This includes promoting dialogue among men and women to increase couple communication and shared decisionmaking related to family planning and reproductive health. [from introduction]

Curricula Organizer for Reproductive Health Education (CORE)

CORE is an open access, cutting edge tool for building presentations on the full spectrum of reproductive health topics. It has sample slides for easy insertion into a presentation that users can download as well as fact sheets, activities, studies and other resources. [adapted from publisher]

Human Resources for Health (HRH) Basics

The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic principles and promising practices related to HRH. By the end of the course, participants should be able to: describe the global HRH situation and promising practices; and identify documents, organizations and other resources that address HRH issues. [from author]

Managing Human Resources for Health

Within the broad subject field of human resource development, human resource management is the most substantial area, as it involves all aspects of personnel management as well as issues of capacity, training, etc. In this unit [of the online course] we will introduce you to the scope and context of human resource management in the health sector. [from author]

Coaching in Nursing: an Introduction

This tool is a hands-on guide that can be used to teach nurses coaching principles and skills in order to develop individual professional competencies and to improve nurse staffing retention. [from author]

Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus: a Toolkit for Family Planning Service Providers Working in High HIV/STI Prevalence Settings

This toolkit is an interactive, client-friendly approach for improving counseling on family planning and prevention, detection, and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. It includes a training of trainers guide that supervisors and others can use to train health care facility directors and service providers on how to use the BCS+ for counseling family planning clients. [from publisher]