Establishing Integrated Family Planning/Reproductive Health Preservice and Inservice National Clinical Training Systems in Turkey





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JHPIEGO Technical Report




JHPIEGO has been working since 1991 to support the development of a national integrated clinical training system used for both family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH) preservice education and inservice training in Turkey. In summary, this project has made substantial gains in meeting the USAID/Turkey results package from the Strategic Objective, Increased Utilization of FP/RH Services, through Intermediate Result 2, Expansion of High Quality FP/RH Services in the Public and Private Sectors, and two Sub-Results-2.1 Increased Availability of Postpartum and Postabortion FP Services and 2.3 Improved Job Performance of Health Providers, Trainers, and Administrators. It has been successful in assisting the MOH, medical institutions, and midwifery schools to establish a national, integrated training system capable of sustaining high-quality preservice education programs for interns and midwives. The inservice training system that has been established will support the MOH in their effort to expand FP/RH training to other provinces in coming years. The preservice education system will support all university-based midwifery school students by strengthening their FP/RH and maternal health skills as they progress toward their degree. [adapted from publisher]


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