Guidelines for Development of a Health Worker Certification System




Solter S


Afghanistan Health Services Enhancement Project, Management Sciences for Health




The main objective of the Ministry of Health (MOH) certification program, which will be called the Health Worker Certification System (HWCS), is to achieve a standard level of quality provided by all health workers. To achieve this level of quality it is critical that the skills of each health worker by certified through a competency-based test. This system of testing will require that all training of health workers in the future be focused on combining knowledge acquisition with hands-on competency based skills, rather than just didactic training. Refresher training and recertification will also be required in order to ensure a basic level of quality. Additionally, the testing and certification of all health workers must be done in a fair and transparent manner. This system is critical to the success of the implementation of the Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS), and to the professional success of health workers, whose advancement will depend upon demonstrating appropriate skills and competencies. [author’s description]


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