Resource Spotlight: Preparing the Next Generation of Community Health Workers: The Power of Technology for Training

photo © Dalberg Global Development Advisors
photo © Dalberg Global Development Advisors

This extensive report gathered evidence and research to see if technology could be harnessed in transformative ways to address critical gaps in community health worker (CHW) training in Sub-Saharan Africa. It covers: the importance of CHW, current approaches to CHW training, emerging evidence and opportunities.

The study identifies opportunities to train community health workers (CHWs) more cost-effectively through technology-enabled multimedia content that leverages visuals, videos, or audio. Additionally, it highlights the potential to create open, easily sharable digital content that could act as a crucial ingredient for new approaches to training and learning in the future. The report walks through existing approaches to CHW training and content development, current uses of mobile technology, and emerging evidence on effective approaches to training, and highlights advantages of digital and multimedia content for scale and disruption. [adapted from author]

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