Resource Spotlight: Association between Health Worker Motivation and Healthcare Quality Efforts in Ghana

Quality care scores
Quality care scores

This paper addresses indicators of health worker motivation and assesses associations with quality care and patient safety in Ghana. The aim is to identify interventions at the health worker level that contribute to quality improvement in healthcare facilities. It explores the quality care and patient safety situation in health facilities accredited by the Ghanaian NHIA (government regulatory body) and identifies associations with staff motivation.

The results showed a positive correlation between staff motivation levels and clinics’ efforts towards quality improvement and patient safety, and quality care standard areas were positively correlated with staff satisfaction level with financial incentives and job prospects. It concludes that as part of efforts towards attainment of the health related MDGs in Ghana, more comprehensive staff motivation interventions should be integrated into quality improvement strategies especially in government-owned healthcare facilities where working conditions are perceived to be the worst. [adapted from author]

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