Resource Spotlight: HRH Action Framework

HRH Action Framework
HRH Action Framework

The HRH Action Framework is designed to assist governments and health managers to develop and implement strategies to achieve an effective and sustainable health workforce. By using a comprehensive approach, the Framework will help address staff shortages, uneven distribution of staff, gaps in skills and competencies, low retention and poor motivation, among other challenges.

The HRH Action Framework diagram includes six clickable action fields (HR Management Systems, Leadership, Partnership, Finance, Education and Policy) and four clickable phases (Situational Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation). To ensure a comprehensive approach to an HRH challenge, users can visit all of the action fields and phases. The Framework is constructed so that users can select any action field or phase based on areas of interest and drill down to access relevant tools and guidelines, indicators and resources. Users also have the opportunity to learn more about indicators to measure the Improved Health Workforce Outcomes resulting from the implementation. The Framework is available in English, French and Spanish. [Adapted from website]

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