Solomon Islands

Addressing Barriers to Inter-Sectoral Collaboration between Health, Education and Welfare Sectors in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Service Delivery in the Solomon Islands

This study gathered information on adolescent sexual and reproductive services and educati on provision in the Solomon Islands and explored ways in which collaboration between the health, education and youth sectors could be feasibly enhanced. [from summary]

Review of Health Leadership and Management Capacity in Solomon Islands

This report describes the current health management and leadership capacity and issues that affect management performance in the Solomon Islands. [from author]

Human Resources for Health in Maternal, Neonatal and Reproductive Health at Community Level: A Profile of the Solomon Islands

This profile summarises the available information on the cadres working at community level in the Solomon Islands: their diversity, distribution, supervisory structures, education and training, as well as the policy and regulations that govern their practice. [from summary]