Health Professionals Facing Burnout: What Do We Know about Nursing Managers?

To address the degree of burnout in nursing managers in hospitals of Western Switzerland, including comparison with medical managers, and its relationship with personal, work-related, and organizational characteristics. [from abstract]

Occupational Health Risks of Pathologists: Results from a Nationwide Online Questionnaire in Switzerland

The work of pathologists is associated with potential health hazards including injuries involving infectious human tissue, chemicals which are assumed to be carcinogenic or long periods of microscope and computer work. This study aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the health situation of pathologists in Switzerland. [adapted from abstract]

Self-Assessment of Intercultural Communication Skills: A Survey of Physicians and Medical Students in Geneva, Switzerland

In order to gain a general picture of the intercultural challenges faced by Geneva physicians and inform the development of targeted training activities, we conducted a large-scale survey of physicians’ and medical students’ knowledge, attitudes and skills related to care of immigrant patients. This paper reports on respondents’ self-assessments of their clinical and intercultural skills. [from author]

Primary Care Physician Supply and Other Key Determinants of Health Care Utilisation: the Case of Switzerland

The Swiss government decided to freeze new accreditations for physicians in private practice in Switzerland based on the assumption that demand-induced health care spending may be cut by limiting care offers. This legislation initiated an ongoing controversial public debate in Switzerland. The aim of this study is therefore the determination of socio-demographic and health system-related factors of per capita consultation rates with primary care physicians in the multicultural population of Switzerland. [from abstract]