Papua New Guinea

Human Resources for Health: Practice and Policy Implications for Emergency Response Arising from the Cholera Outbreak in Papua New Guinea

This document describes some of the challenges to cholera preparedness and response in a human resource limited setting, the strategies used to ensure effective cholera management, some lessons learned as well as issues for public health policy and practice. [from summary]

Sociocultural and Individual Determinants for Motivation of Sexual and Reproductive Health Workers in Papua New Guinea and Their Implications for Male Circumcision as an HIV Prevention Strategy

With interest in male circumcision (MC) as an HIV prevention option, this study explored the perceptions and motivations of health workers involved in sexual and reproductive health services, examining their implications for the possible future roll out of a national MC program. [adapted from abstract]

HIV and Human Resources Challenges in Papua New Guinea: An Overview

The HIV epidemic in Papua New Guinea (PNG) presents major challenges, including significant human resources challenges. This report presents an overview of the available global literature on HIV and human resources, collates information on the workforce responses to HIV in PNG and highlights human resource issues specific to HIV in PNG. [from summary]

Strengthening Church and Government Partnerships for Primary Health Care Delivery in Papua New Guinea: Lessons from the International Experience

This working paper outlines the current operational relationship between the government and church providers of primary health care in Papua New Guinea and presents findings from a literature review to determine the differences between primary health service provision by church-based organizations and government provision, and the characteristics of existing arrangements for governments to engage non-govenment, non-profit providers of primary health services. [adapted from introduction]

Rural Health Workers and Their Work Environment: The Role of Inter-Personal Factors on Job Satisfaction of Nurses in Rural Papua New Guinea

This study examined inter-personal, intra-personal and extra-personal factors that influence job satisfaction among rural primary care nurses in a low and middle income country, Papua New Guinea. [from abstract]

Human Resources for Health in Maternal, Neonatal and Reproductive Health at Community Level: A Profile of Papua New Guinea

This profile summarises the available information on the cadres working at community level in Papua New Guinea: their diversity, distribution, supervisory structures, education and training, as well as the policy and regulations that govern their practice. [from author]

Review of Health Leadership and Management Capacity in Papua New Guinea

This review describes the state of health leadership and management capacity in Papua New Guinea. [from summary]