HRH Global Resource Center RSS Feeds



The HRH Global Resource Center publishes updates, called RSS feeds, which provide alerts when new content has been posted. When you subscribe to a feed, an RSS reader monitors that feed for updates. In order to read the updates, you must subscribe to an RSS Reader (also called feed readers or news aggregators). An RSS feed uses a technology called XML, and you can usually recognize that a website offers an RSS feed when you see an orange XML button.


An RSS feed is an easy way to stay informed of new content added to the HRH Global Resource Center. When you subscribe to a feed, you can get notified whenever resources are added to topic areas in which you are interested. This means that you don’t have to repeat your searches and will be able to reduce the amount of time you spend identifying resources that are useful to your work. The RSS feed also provides a brief synopsis of a resource, so you will be able to see if you are interested before opening it.


  1. You must first subscribe to an RSS reader. There are a variety of readers available, many of which are free of charge. You can sign up for an online service, use a web browser that has a reader or download RSS reader software. Subscribing through a web browser or an online service is usually the easiest choice. Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 are examples of browsers with feed readers. Google and Yahoo! are online services that have free readers. If you would like to see more options, Internet Explorer, National Public Radio and News on Feeds have lists of other common RSS readers.
  2. RSS readers are usually very similar to each other, but there can be variations in the ways that you navigate your alerts and subscribe to RSS feeds. Make sure you review the instructions for the reader that you select.
  3. To get the RSS feed for your reader, go to the HRH Global Resource Center Advanced Search page.
  4. Select the topics and geographic areas that are of interest to your work. If you need help with this function, see the instructions at the top of the Advanced Search page or contact us for additional assistance.
  5. When your search results appear, there will be an orange XML button and the text "Feed of this search" at the top right underneath the search box.
  6. XML buttonFeed of this search.

  7. Clicking on either the orange button or the "Feed of this search" text will take you to the XML version of the page, which is the language your RSS reader understands. You do not need to know anything about XML or the coding on the page in order to get the feed.
  8. Copy the URL from the tool bar at the top of the page.
  9. RSS feed URL

  10. Go to your RSS reader and paste this web address into the reader. You should then have the option to subscribe to this content.
  11. Whenever resources that match your search are added to the HRH Global Resource Center, an alert will be sent to your RSS reader. All you have to do is check your RSS reader to stay informed of new content.
  12. If you have problems accessing any of these features or your browser gives you an error message, please contact us for help in resolving the problem.