Public Health Pre-Deployment Course


[TUNISIA] The Public Health Pre-Deployment (PHPD) Course aims to prepare public health and other professionals, who are specific subject experts or those experienced in emergency settings, to work effectively and safely in emergency and crisis situations. These professionals need to be familiarized with evidence based best practices and tools in public health problems in emergencies, as well as necessary management and operational skills to deliver a coordinated, integrated and equitable public health action in challenging, rapidly-changing, chaotic and often times insecure environments.

The PHPD course is a two-week residential course scheduled for Spring of 2011 and to be delivered by experienced humanitarian and public health experts from WHO and academic and technical institutions as well as non-governmental organizations to ensure effective readiness of the Member States, and to enable them to respond effectively to the emergencies and crises. [adapted from course website]

For more information, visit the course website.

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