eHealth Africa Conference 2012


[KENYA] This year's conference, "Integrating mHealth into eHealth Strategy Implementation," will be held in Nairobi on April 18-19. It will identify best practices and lessons learned from those who are in the process of developing, or have already developed national eHealth strategies. In addition, the conference places a special emphasis on mHealth. Topics include health service delivery using mHealth through:

  • access to emergency health care services
  • providing specialist diagnosis and treatment through phone or video images or through combining mobile phones with other health technology
  • allowing individuals to communicate with health service providers through call centers, help lines, toll-free emergency services
  • using mobile phones to support communication between health service providers and clients through appointment and treatment reminders, community mobilization campaigns, and awareness raising about health issues
  • using mobile technology for health monitoring and data collection; and
  • providing access to health information for health care professionals at the point of care through decision support systems. [from conference website]

For more information, see the conference website

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